Business Coaching

Melyoura provides customized coaching and consultation to address the arduous questions challenging you and your organization, turn it around to make your organization a resounding success. Melyoura as your personal trainer and mentor will provide you with tools and techniques to enrich your skills to run a winning organization.

Our business coaching programs are offered via three pathways:


Melyoura’s Business Coaching focuses on building leaders at various levels in the business. enhancing their leadership. Leadership skills are required to lead and guide the business and to get the job done efficiently.

Melyoura’s coaching will focus on 4 Key Areas of Leadership:
  1. Vision & Direction
  2. Communication
  3. Talent Development
  4. Prioritization

Culture and Teams

Melyoura coaches business on Culture and Teams. Melyoura will work with you to create a winning culture, define your core values and guide in curating your teams.


Melyoura works with you to diagnose & improve systems to get the results that your business wants

Please reach out to Melyoura for customised coaching packages for your organisational needs.

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Is Business Coaching for me?

From Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, all top executives have benefitted from the help of a business coach. As the backbone of most businesses, coaches help steer you towards your goals, no matter how big or small they may be.


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

40% of Fortune 500 companies make use of business coaching to train and develop their executives


Exponential Return on Investment

Businesses who employ a business coach see an average return on their investment of 5.7 times the amount paid for coaching services


Increase in Productivity

Executives who receive both coaching and training are able to increase their productivity by 86% compared to a 22% increase in productivity by executives who received training alone


Reduced Operational Costs

23% of executives report that business coaching helped them reduce operational costs


Increase in Productivity

53% of business owners and executives report an increase in their productivity


Increase in Profitability

22% of companies report an increase in their profitability


Increased Teamwork Skills

67% of business owners and executives report an increase in teamwork skills


Increased Job Satisfaction

61% of owners report an increase in job satisfaction

Coaching is an investment. One that studies have shown time and again not only deliver what they promise, but also offer significant long-term returns in a variety of key areas.


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