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“Everyone needs a coach.”
- Eric Schmidt
Former CEO of Google.

Be the change!

“Everyone needs a coach.”
- Eric Schmidt
Former CEO of Google.

Whether you’re an individual running a small business or a leader at a rapidly growing organization, there’s nothing quite like having an experienced business coach on your team. 

Melyoura is your one-stop solution for everything from Life Coaching to Business Coaching sessions, including leadership training and professional empowerment. We will help you build the most efficient long-term plan focusing on your people that sets your organization on the path to success. 

With our coach by your side, mentoring your teams and empowering your future leaders, you can focus on building the organization of your dreams.

Unleash your true potential and take ownership of your narrative today!

Our Programs

Intensive Group Sessions

Melyoura’s signature Online Group Intensive program for businesses and individuals offers coaching, consultation, and training for self-improvement and sets you up for success - no matter what your goals are.

Taking place over two consecutive half-days, these dedicated organizational-level training and empowerment coaching sessions help your people – your key asset - set personal and professional goals that cultivate inner strength and mental well being and avoid common pitfalls that plague most businesses such as burnout, poor performance and attrition, boosting personal growth and encouraging productivity.

Business Coaching

Coaching and consulting on key areas such as Leadership, Cultures and Teams and Systems to improve your business, employee productivity and profits.

Life Coaching

One-on-one sessions to enhance your unique strengths and help you overcome weaknesses through a personalised coaching program.

Seminars and Workshops

Individually crafted power sessions and methodical workshops to encourage individual as well as collective growth.

Keynote Address

Engaging with audiences to share experiences and strategies to approach life with new and improved methods.

Online Closed Tribe

Melyoura’s very own closed online space to interact and synergise with Melyoura and other like-minded people. This is your safe space. Interact, discuss and develop a sense of camaraderie amongst like-minded individuals across the community.

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