Life Coaching

Melyoura offers a wide range of modules designed to take you one step closer to your personal and professional goals. Built into our two consecutive half-day coaching sessions, these tools and techniques will help empower your workforce to develop their own set of healthy strategies to transform their lives.

An important focus of our work is empowering individuals and teams to develop the skills they need to help themselves and, by extension, help others. Melyoura offers support and training to help individuals and teams navigate and adapt to constantly changing environments, something we believe to be an invaluable aspect of growth amidst these uncertain times.

Our life coaching program covers a wide range of key areas essential to your organization’s growth.

Change begins from within. Take your first step towards growth by resetting your belief system.

Tools and Techniques


Take control of your own life. Make firm decisions, establish healthy boundaries, and build up your sense of security and stability.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Learn to identify and reframe the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential.

Let Go of Fear

Fearlessly confront your inner demons as you develop realistic confrontation and coping strategies.

Cognitive Reframing

Building on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, this module challenges you to identify and change the negative thoughts, beliefs, and events that have hindered you in your path to achieving your goals.

Leave the past behind. Develop the skills you need to progress towards your new future.

Power of Intention

Beliefs manifest desire. Desire transforms into action. Learn to direct your thoughts and intentions towards your goals and develop the skills to achieve them.

Taking Charge and Advancing

Breaking patterns and developing healthy habits set the foundation. The next step is to acquire the tools you need for sustained personal advancement.

Effective Communication

Develop the skills to communicate effectively. Learn to actively listen and speak confidently and clearly so you are heard and understood.

Emotional Mindset

Maximize your potential. Identify the signs of a fixed mindset and learn to move towards a growth mindset.

Awaken yourself to possibilities. Reinvigorate your passion for your goals and everything that inspires you.

Behavior Change

Habit formation is your first step towards changing your behavior. Follow through with advanced strategies for behavior modification.

Self Accountability

Change is rarely linear, but behavior relapses are preventable. Take responsibility for your life and develop strategies to reflect on your growth and keep the momentum going.

Express Gratitude

Reflect on, acknowledge and appreciate the good things in life. Success is the goal and a happy, contented life is the reward.

Work-Personal life Balance

Strike a balance between your work and your personal life by learning how to manage your time effectively and make room for the things that truly matter to you.

Reconnect with yourself. Find balance and make space to manifest joy and peace in your life.

Wheel of Life

Approach your life holistically. Visualize your best life and define strategies to make your dreams a reality.

Being Content

Identify gaps in your personal journey, rediscover your passions and hobbies and nurture your inner child. Find true joy and satisfaction within yourself!

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