Reconnect with the most important person in your life - YOU!

We create the narratives that define who we are and who we become. And we often lose sight of our goals along the way.

Change begins with you. But sometimes, it takes a little help to find your way back to yourself.

Melyoura offers personal one-on-one coaching for pioneers of change. Empowering yourself helps you empower others!

Meet your coach
Sudha Setty

Sudha Setty is a certified International Executive Coach. In the last two decades, she has led two American 'clean energy' non-profit organizations as their Country Representative in India.

Emerging from a seemingly idyllic childhood, to most, it would have appeared Sudha was headed for a future with no bumps in the road. But as it tends to, life threw all kinds of curveballs her way. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Sudha weathered each storm and climbed her way back up every single time.

As she made her way up, Sudha found her passion for environmental causes, soon developing a knack for being able to promote energy efficiency widely.

With her experiences taking her all across the globe, from America to the Middle East to South Asia and beyond, Sudha’s journey eventually led her to the understanding that the greatest gift she had to offer the world was the knowledge of how to find one’s own inner strength and harness its power. And thus, she found her calling: leading and empowering individuals and organizations so they too can continue to rise and uplift the world around them.

Sudha has also earned an Evercoach by Mindvalley certification as a Business Coach and offers coaching to businesses and individuals looking to transform their lives.

Sudha is passionate about people and places. With an intense and insatiable sense of wanderlust as her guide, she has already made her way to over 50 countries. And, pandemic-willing, she’ll get to see a few more very soon!

Melyoura offers ongoing training, coaching, and consultations for non-profits, social enterprises and small and medium businesses looking to transform their organization by setting and accomplishing change goals.